Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Celebrity mug shot

Celebrity mug shot

A few nice celebrity mug shots images I found:

Celebrity mug shot celebrity mug shots
Image by Jamis Snyder

Gallery Strolls Past: Almost there celebrity mug shots
Image by Clint Gardner This Gallery Stroll was one of the funest I've ever been honored to take part in. This was at the defunct Poor Yorrick Studios/Gallery and I sold celebrity mug shot fridge magnets. Other folks sold their more involved work, such as Octopus magnets (Jason Jones), hot girl stencil magnets and tee shirts (Jeff Clark), and Luke Skywalker magnets (Alex Ferguson). Gallery Stroll happens every third friday in good old Salt Lake City. It has been going on since at least the late 80's. Polish Ninja asked if I had any older Gallery Stroll pictures. Here are a few that were taken many years ago.

Booty Call celebrity mug shots
Image by toolmantim Final shot from the US, this is all the booty I managed to collect (see notes for details)